Free Markets? Are You Crazy? Are You Crazy?

US to propose ban on in-flight cell phone calls | Ars Technica

The International Air Transport Association, a trade group representing airlines, argues that the decision should be up to individual carriers. Some airlines have already said they would prohibit in-flight calls, but others may want to experiment with “passenger-friendly” ways to allow them, “such as in-flight phone booths or quiet zones,” the Journal report said.

Imagine.  Let the airlines decide how they want to run their businesses, rather than having the government pile on yet another regulation doing it for them.

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  1. In a conversation with a Horizon tech, he commented that 200 cell phones flying overhead at 500 mph constantly trying to connect with each cell tower as it flies by would overwhelm some of his installations.
    I wonder if the phone companies are behind the government action.

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