What Might Change Bleeding Heart Acceptance of Illegal Immigration?

There is a pervasive notion among many that as long as we’re “doing it for the poor children,” illegal immigration is not only acceptable, it is required.  In the face of all the evidence, this belief persists.  What could possibly change it, I wonder?

My guess?

The day that even a small outbreak of Ebola in a major US city is traced to an illegal alien bringing the disease across the border.

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I am a small-l libertarian. My primary concern is to increase individual liberty as much as possible in the face of statist efforts to restrict it from both the right and the left. If I had to sum up my beliefs as concisely as possible, I would say, "Stay out of my wallet and my bedroom," "your liberty stops at my nose," and "don't tread on me." I will believe that things are taking a turn for the better in America when married gays are able to, and do, maintain large arsenals of automatic weapons, and tax collectors are, and do, not.


What Might Change Bleeding Heart Acceptance of Illegal Immigration? — 15 Comments

  1. Yes, well – maybe yes, maybe no…

    Three wee, bitty things I find wrong with that:

    1) To begin with – everything we’ve seen, so far, from The Lightbringer’s (Produced) Southern Invasion shows a pattern of dispersion in its “beneficiaries” primarily to Small-Town Amurrica, away from all “major U.S. cities” (particularly the Eastern ones) – which means that, when (not “if”) any infection vectors migrate to Big City U.S.A., there’s going to be a disconnection from the actual invasion. Is there any question that the denials and the coverups (as to the actual origins of the disease) will begin near-instantly, will be maintained no matter what, and will be “successful” in any P.R. battles that may ensue?

    2) Second – although sorta-related to the above – since the invaders are being quite widely-dispersed, to areas that are relatively-sparsely populated, being kept at least semi-undercover and are therefore not going to be accessible to much media coverage – plus, given the MSM penchant for willing coverups of the current “administration” screwups…if a “…small outbreak of Ebola…” were to occur in one (or even several) such location(s) – would we even know? If so – when would we know, and what would we be told?

    3) Also – and this is the really spooky one at this point – putting “small outbreak” and “Ebola” in the same sentence is pretty chancy, right there. At this point, there are a lot of back-and-forth claims about “experimental successes” and “potential cures” and possible vaccines” – but the historic fact, so far, is that this is, potentially and in actuality, a very fast-spreading, fast-progressing and extremely deadly viral disease – mortality in the 50- to 90-percent range, mostly – even with the very best of medical assistance available – in the upper part of that range.

    By the time such a “small outbreak” were to reach a sufficient pressure-point to make a useful amount of “change of heart” – well – it seems quite likely we’d have much more immediate problems to deal with, than changes in illegal-immigration “policies”.

    I mean, yes, it’d quite likely – pretty quickly – change a lot of people’s “hearts and minds”, and soon thereafter change procedures a lot, anyway…but at what cost? And – how long would it be, before we’d start getting that sort of change, if the Gubment coverups had a chance to get a head-start…which it seems pretty certain they would?

    • Funny…and wrong.

      Most of the new illegals are going to the usual urban centers, primarily the BosWash corridor, Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston, and LA/SoCal.

      Second, Americans are absolutely terrified of Ebola, especially the soccer moms who normall like the idea of “compassion” to illegal alien children – until they imagine seeing their own kids turned into exploding bags of blood and pus.

      This is in line with my long-held contention that if Islamists really wanted to terrorize America, they’d put a couple of suicide bombers with AK-47s into elementary schools around the country. I can’t see anything stopping them, unless it is that their handlers understand that to do so would result in the mothers of America demanding that we nuke the middle east.

      Finally, nobody is terrified of head lice. They are a fact of life in just about every school around. And if people aren’t panicking over antibiotic-resistend iatrogenic illnesses, lice aren’t going to set anything off.

  2. When some of the 25-year-old immigrant “children” rape the daughters of their host families or their new neighbors, there might be an outcry. Or not. As JSB says, the Mongoloid Schlurping Media are doing everything they can to cover up the Lickspittlebringer’s many inadequacies.

    • They’re expected to be rapists, murderers, thieves, robbers, and so on. After all, they’re unprivileged brown people, and have no choice, and therefore we must understand and forgive them. I mean, it’s not as if they’re as civilized as we are, right?

      That’s on the one hand.

      On the other – one of them is carrying a virus across the border that will kill your kids, the rest of your family, everybody you like or love, and you. At that point, songs of understanding and compassion befin to sound a bit…off-key.

    • That’s already been happening for years. And the other thing is drunk drivers killing people. It hasn’t had an effect yet on popular sentiment (as defined by “what the MSM writes about”.)

  3. Followup:

    Most of the new illegals are going to the usual urban centers, primarily the BosWash corridor, Dallas/Ft. Worth/Houston, and LA/SoCal.

    Since this kinda-sorta differed from what I seemed to be seeing, based on some other references I’d seen, I decided to take a closer look at the available info from the source you linked.

    Based upon what I saw – when looking in fairly-close detail, “extrapolating” figures based on grant-sizes a bit and using Google Maps – I can only say: I sure hope you’re more-right (since, in my view, successful coverup(s) of dangerous disease(s) among the “new” illegals should be measurably less likely in major population areas) than I am regarding where they’re putting the “newbies” – but I’m not real encouraged.

    Yes, a lot – perhaps the majority (it’s really very difficult – near-impossible – to tell for sure) – are fairly close to major urban centers. However, a whole lot (maybe as much as half or more) are in relatively-less-populated “exurbs” or quite clearly out in the “boonies”.

    I can’t decide, myself – does that wider sort of dispersion make usefully-early detection of dangerous disease popping up among the “newbies” – and/or failure of any coverup attempt(s) – more likely, or (more-dangerously) less so?

    Second, Americans are absolutely terrified of Ebola, especially the soccer moms who normall(y) like the idea of “compassion” to illegal alien children – until they imagine seeing their own kids turned into exploding bags of blood and pus.

    I’ve got to definitely agree with that – the idea frightens the whee outta me! Any kind of viral disease is difficult to deal with – one that produces Acute Haemorrhagic Fever, with a resultant very high mortality rate and a very fast rate of progression, is especially fright-producing.

    I sure hope we can avoid – somehow – having that happen in the U.S.

    Should such an event occur – and the source be determined to be from that pack of “newbie” illegals – I definitely hope that the correct “lesson” will be learned by those who will then demand – and get – useful changes in the way said illegals are currently being mis-managed. I’m afraid, however, that I have very little belief that, even if we were to have an outbreak of virulent disease – Ebola or any other – that was directly traceable to any of the new illegals, there would not be some sort of successful coverup and/or denial, or that the end-result would be some sort of useful change to the “compassionate policies” presently being pursued.

    I sincerely hope that I’m wrong about that last part.

  4. In any epidemic, CDC is charged with tracing the spread backwards to Patient zero or a close as possible. If it comes in via wetbacks, CDC will find that out. They will, of course, try to hide any such finding but something that big will, I expect (hope) leak out.

  5. The vast majority of Americans living today have no idea what epidemics are like. Even something as innocuous sounding as flu.

    What’s more likely to come over via wetback vector is something like polio. Do we still have herd immunity for polio? We may soon find out what the anti-vaccine crackpots have wrought.

    The other nifty item that may come via wetback express is a nuke/dirty-bomb.