Kurt Schlicter Discovers Angelo Codevilla – and Me

The Key To A Lasting Middle East Peace Is Total Victory – Kurt Schlichter – Page full

We need to unequivocally and unreservedly support our allies in their war against our shared enemies.As I discuss in my new book, Conservative Insurgency, a speculative future history of the struggle to restore our system and culture, we need to rebuild our shrunken military and aggressively confront and destroy threats to our nation. We can’t wish away the fact that our enemies want us dead. What we can do is make it clear that if they choose to make war upon us, over or covert, they are the ones who will get to do the dying.

Note the very careful allusion in the final sentence of the paragraph:  “overt or covert.

I take that word “covert” (and I hope I’m correct, otherwise the entire article is piffle) to mean that in order to achieve victory, we must make war on the rogue governments that are arming, financing, training, protecting, directing, and using the Muslim jihadis against us and our allies.

Which is not a particularly new idea.  I’ve been pushing it since 2003, after reading Angelo Codevilla’s prescription for defeating our jihadi enemies.

We could start with Tehran and Riyadh.  Every assault against us is nothing more than fallout from the age old struggle between those two Muslim religious powers.  Give them the “Japan Treatment” (or something similarly effective) and we would have very little problem with Islamic terrorism thenceforth.

And we could also take a look at our own Ruling Class, and its central role in our failure to defeat Islamic terrorism.


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