Rubio: Still Dead and Buried (By His Own Lies) To Me

Did Rubio’s immigration flip-flop rehabilitate his image among Republicans? « Hot Air

Who knows how much of his lost standing among conservatives Rubio will be able to recover, but his rehabilitation has certainly begun earlier than most analysts predicted it would. Some Republicans will be turned off by the Florida senator’s flip on immigration, while others will never be able to trust his instincts on the issue of reform. But the longer Rubio’s position on the issue of reform mirrors that of his potential primary opponents, it’s likely that the prospective 2016 candidate will continue to recover in the polls.

A little Rubio lurv at Hot Gas.  My loathing for Rubio stems only in part from his support for scamnesty.  Mostly it’s his naked lies to the voters who elected him that he would never, ever, never, never never support scamnesty.  And a year later, he was supporting scamnety.

Why should I trust anything an already proven liar tells me now?

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