Why Fight Them When You Can Just Buy Them?

Red-carding Qatar | JPost | Israel News

Qatar has become the veritable hub of the Sunni axis it props up. No wonder Hamas’s Khaled Mashaal has made Qatar his base of operations, as has his aide, fugitive spy Azmi Bishara, the ex-Israeli MK and founder of Balad. Also domiciled in Qatar is Sheikh Yusuf Kardawi, an extreme Muslim cleric who keeps praising Hitler, who justified suicide bombing against Jews and who os one of the chief mentors of the Qatari emir. The latter’s fundamentalist Islamic bent is hardly a secret.

Qatar has learned well the lessons the Saudis have taught for decades: It’s much easier to bribe the western ruling class into submission than to beat it into submission.

Of course Big Fat Al Gore has already gotten his $70 million payoff from Qatar.

Speaking of which: It would be interesting to examine every paid speech given by the Clintons sinch BJ left office, and see how many of their checks were written by companies, foundations, or other organizations connected in some way or another to Saudi Arabia or Quatar.

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