Phony Republican Still Speaking With NYT Megaphone

David Brooks: Republican Border Stance the ‘Palin-ization’ of GOP, Blames Ted Cruz

“And there are a lot of — and my question is, OK, Ted Cruz, senator, it should be said, met with a bunch of House members, which doesn’t happen that often, and sort of helped organize this. So, which senator is going to stand up and be the anti-Cruz? Who is going to stand up for Republican values, but I believe in governing? And so far, that person has not emerged.

Just come out as a Democrat, Brooks, you putz.  You know you want to.

One of the main reasons I’d love to see Ted Cruz in the White House is watching David Brooks’s – and those like him – heads explode.

Maybe they’d finally officially leave the GOP.  What a victory for honesty in packaging that would be.

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