Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ebola Virus Is Outpacing Efforts to Control It, World Health Body Warns –

ABUJA, Nigeria — In an ominous warning as fatalities mounted in West Africa from the worst known outbreak of the Ebola virus, the head of the World Health Organization said on Friday that the disease was moving faster than efforts to curb it, with potentially catastrophic consequences, including a “high risk” that it will spread.

The assessment was among the most dire since the outbreak was identified in March. The outbreak has been blamed for the deaths of 729 people, according to W.H.O. figures, and has left over 1,300 people with confirmed or suspected infections.

Dr. Margaret Chan, the W.H.O. director general, was speaking as she met with the leaders of the three most affected countries — Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — in Conakry, the Guinean capital, for the introduction of a $100 million plan to deploy hundreds more medical professionals in support of overstretched regional and international health workers.

Look.  Let’s be honest.  Nobody in the developed world is going to give much of a damn about a bunch of people in sub-Saharan Africa dying of some godawful disease.  As Kim du Toit has pointed out, people are always dying of something godawful in Africa.

But let Ebola get loose in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City, and I expect you’ll hear a sharp change of tune.

No, I’m not making any special preparations for it.

Because I made preparations a long time ago for stuff like this.

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  1. Meanwhile…while some folks are obviously working valiantly to prevent Ebola from getting into other countries – like, say, the U.S. – there are a few who are busy, busy trying to get it here as soon as possible.

    It will be the first time anyone infected with the disease is brought into the country. U.S. officials are confident the patients can be treated without putting the public in any danger. (emphasis added)

    Of course, these latter people have only the very finest motives possible in doing so:

    There is no specific treatment for (the) disease, although Writebol has received an experimental treatment, according to the mission groups.

    “If there’s any modern therapy that can be done,” such as better monitoring of fluids, electrolytes and vital signs, workers will be able to do it better in this safe environment, said Dr. Philip Brachman, an Emory University public health specialist who for many years headed the CDC’s disease detectives program.

    “That’s all we can do for such a patient. We can make them feel comfortable” and let the body try to beat back the virus, he said. (emphasis added)

    Ah – so…there’s no increased possibility of further spread of this virulently-infectious, extremely-deadly disease, by transporting it – in the person of two already-deeply-infected individuals – out of a supposedly-isolated area containing the highest incidence of deadly infection to date, thousands of miles to a separate supposedly-isolated area where it has never been before? And the motivation for this movement of the two victims is – apparently – to a) “make them feel comfortable” while b) attempting experimentally to treat them (since “There is no specific treatment…”) and c) allowing the disease to run its course.

    – At Emory University Hospital, in Atlanta, GA…

    Maybe it’s just me, but…I kept feeling, when I read that item, that I was getting an excerpt from a badly-rewritten Stephen King story.

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