In LA, We’ve Traded Black Thugs For Hispanic Thugs

Emotions run high as accused killers of USC student appear in court – LA Times

Two minors fought back tears during an emotional court hearing in downtown Los Angeles as they and two adults faced capital murder charges in the beating death of a USC graduate student.

Emotions ran high at Tuesday’s hearing as relatives of the group of four, age 19 to 16, sat in the audience a row way from the friends of deceased student Xinran Ji.

Fuck them.  I hope they all fry, but this is LA – in California – so, probably not.

The ideal outcome would have been if their victim had been armed, and killed them all as soon as they attacked him.

SteveF and I are often pretty close together on our thinking about stuff like this.

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In LA, We’ve Traded Black Thugs For Hispanic Thugs — 2 Comments

  1. It’s worth a mention that on the same site as this article, a day later after it was run, another one came out that says one of the suspects is some sort of illegal.

    What got me scratching my head is that the illegal, who is said to be nineteen years old, is referred to in the article as “one of four teenagers” (one other suspect is eighteen). I thought that at age eighteen, one became an “adult”…

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