Obama: I Am Your Dictator – Obey Me!

Obama: ‘I’m Going to Have to Act Alone’ on Border Crisis | National Review Online

“When it comes to the humanitarian crisis on our southern border, President Obama has been completely AWOL – in fact, he has made matter worse by flip-flopping on the 2008 law that fueled the crisis,” Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio), said in response to Obama’s remarks.  “Senate Democrats have left town without acting on his request for a border supplemental.  Right now, House Republicans are the only ones still working to address this crisis.”

And I wish to hell they would stop.  Everybody knows the GOP leadership is a total bitch to the corporate interests who fund them, and who lust after cheap labor.  And yet this somehow doesn’t fatally compromise their so-called efforts.

Everybody also knows that if we simply and stringently enforced the border and immigration laws that have been on the books for years, this “humanitarian crisis” would immediately end.  However, the special interests on both the right and the left see unfettered immigration as a solution to their problems, and hence, as a goal to be achieved, and so none of the politicians they finance and/or control will ever do anything to effectively stop these “humanitarian crises.”

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