How the Hacks Do It

Lois Lerner ripping ‘crazies’ on right: Why some media folks don’t care | Fox News

And Howie Kurtz is one of the licenced Democrat hacks that doesn’t really care, either.

If he did, he couldn’t have written a pile of crap he hopes will be regarded as even-handed, and yet still say things like this:

To be sure, this investigation has dragged on a long time without proving a link between the White House and the Cincinnati office’s targeting of advocacy groups, especially on the right, for special scrutiny of their tax-exempt status. Critics say that conservative outlets such as Fox have tried to keep the story alive.

He puts this right after the lede, but somehow never gets around to mentioning that the primary reason a link has not been “proven” is the total, complete, and likely illegal resistance of the IRS to revealing the truth about what happened.

“Critics say” is weasel wording journalism hacks use when they really mean, “I say.”  His effort in this paragraph is fairly obvious and straightforward:  To push the notion that there isn’t really a connection between the White House and the peons on the ground, and that the only people who think there is one are those crazies at Fox News, who are merely pushing the story out of partisanship and a thirst for ratings.

Kurtz has been trying to pass himself off as an even-handed, unbiased, non-partisan journalist as long as he’s been on the national scene.  Unfortunately for him, his own body of work exposes what he really is:  Just another Democrat hack with a byline.

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