Unexpected: Truce Crashes and Burns

Cease-fire collapses between Israel, Hamas; Israeli soldier captured – The Washington Post

Less than three hours after a three-day humanitarian cease-fire between Israel and Hamas went into effect Friday, the truce broke down when clashes between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters erupted and militants fired rockets into Israel.

Gaza militants captured an Israeli officer in the southern Gaza Strip just as the cease-fire was falling apart, said a senior Israeli military spokesman. Two other Israeli soldiers were reported killed.

Man.  Who could possibly have predicted this?

I just hope they don’t decide to give the barbarians whatever they want in exchange for that Israeli officer.

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Unexpected: Truce Crashes and Burns — 3 Comments

    • …thereby ruling out, of course, just about all Democraps and a very high percentage of Rethuglicans, the entire U.S. State Department and all non-Israeli miscellaneous “authorities” directly or indirectly involved in the “negotiations” leading up to this latest exercise-in-“peace-making”-futility.

      I say, keep on refueling/rearming/resupplying the IDF, stand clear and give it a few more weeks – a lasting “cease-fire” will happen on its own, when Hamas runs out of rockets, more-or-less-willing Paleswinian “human shields” and/or other resources for deliberately killing Israelis, including living members of Hamas – all of which should be forthcoming fairly soon.

      Be patient – all will be well…

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