This Boehner Attempt to Smuggle Scamnesty Into His Bill Irritates Me a Bit

Hat tip: Mark Levin Show 7/31/14:

Mark points out several instances of scamnesty smuggled into the Boehner bill that crashed and burned today: Here’s an example from near the bottom of page 18:

PEAR.—Any alien who fails to appear at a pro15
ceeding required under this section, shall be ordered
16 removed in absentia if the Government establishes
17 by a preponderance of the evidence that the alien
18 was at fault for their absence from the proceedings.

Get it?  What this says, once you translate the conglaw speak is that any alien who fails to appear at (a deportation hearing) shall be removed (deported) in absentia IF (this is the scamnesty part) the government is able to establish by a preponderance of the evidence that it was the alien’s fault for not appearing at the hearing.

How in the hell can the government establish that?  Short answer, it can’t.  So any alien who fails to show up at a deportation hearing automatically won’t be deported.

And people wonder why conservatives don’t trust the lying, ball-licking, boodle-bagging, cock-puppets of the Gentry GOP RINOsaurs on the scamnesty issue.

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