What Could Possibly Go Wrong

‘Ebola is terrifying – and proves how unprepared we are for epidemics’ – Telegraph

And now it has now made the leap, on an aeroplane, to Lagos in Nigeria,
Africa’s most populous city, inside a 40 year-old Liberian civil servant,
who was sick on arrival and died only a few days later. Authorities are
monitoring a total of 59 people who were in contact with Sawyer, including
airport contacts, the Lagos state health ministry said. The hospital where
he died has been shut down and quarantined.

Actually, they have no clue what happened to those he was in contact with on his flight into Lagos:

Ebola victim Patrick Sawyer who sparked global fears was American | Mail Online

In Sawyer’s case, it appears nothing was done to question him until he fell sick on his second flight with Asky Airlines. An airline spokesman would not comment on what precautions were being taken in the aftermath of Sawyer’s journey.

Liberian Assistant Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah told The Associated Press last week that there had been no screening at Liberia’s Monrovia airport.

And even the passengers on Sawyers final flight were give a “list of symptoms,” a pat on the back, and sent off into the world:

Sawyer was immediately quarantined upon arrival in Lagos – a city of 21 million people – and Nigerian authorities say his fellow travelers were advised of Ebola’s symptoms and then were allowed to leave. The incubation period can be as long as 21 days, meaning anyone infected may not fall ill for several weeks.

Uh huh.  When Kim du Toit famously recommended “Let Africa Sink,” I don’t think he was considering the possibility that it might take the rest of us with it.

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  1. The latest pandemic model I’ve seen, See how a pandemic could sweep the world: Scientists develop terrifying new computer model, indicates that airports might be the most important factor in recent epidemics:

    Dirk Brockmann have [sic] found that contagion now travels much more quickly and effectively between busy airports in different countries rather than between cities and more rural areas in the same country … Unfortunately, they also show how difficult it would be to contain or quarantine an outbreak in a global city.

  2. SARS was overblown. In HK two housing estates were the main focal point. It was the bottom of a real estate depression that started in 1997. I bought HK RE then and made 150% over the next five years. How many cases outside China (which were never disclosed) and HK (which were contained) had occurred? Once again, SARS was overblown. It is BS to think that the few thousand people who were exposed to SARS were then carriers for the world as it would mean exponential infectious rates around the world. Millions of people flew in and out of HK and China at that time.

    That does not mean that this outbreak is overblown. Every outbreak is unique, especially with different diseases. If this outbreak is contagious without physical contact with already symptomatic people then it is bad.

    The major problem is that some of these third world countries are allowing people exposed to Ebola to travel onwards to other countries. It’s almost inevitable that most countries will block flights from certain countries if this outbreak shows any signs of growing.

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