Iran, North Korea, Gaza: The Ever-Changing Axis of Evil

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ML:  “Good question.  A lot of the Iranian nuclear project is inside…”

JJA:  “Tunnels!  You think the Gazans are unique?  You think that ‘dark city beneath the one we see’ that the Israelis are talking about is limited to Gaza?  No way.  The Iranians have surely done the same.”

ML:  “Yeah, years ago I was told that there was a clandestine city beneath Parchin, for example.”

JJA:  “And Parchin just happens to be one of those military sites that the Iranians have made off-limits to the inspectors.  You can be sure that there are others, probably inside some mountains or the like.  The point is that we cannot reasonably expect to know enough about Iranian activities, whether nuclear or conventional or terror training, to be confident they are actually carrying out their promises.  We can’t check it…”

ML:  “So the intelligence lesson of Gaza is?”

JJA:  “Don’t ever believe you know everything that’s going on.  Even small gaps in our understanding can be fatal to our people.”

ML:  “Is there any way to put ourselves in a stronger position regarding Iran?”

JJA:  “Yes, but it’s costly and painful.  The Israelis in Gaza only learned the full story of the tunnels when they fully engaged.  It took the lives of Israeli soldiers to learn what they learned…are we…”

The North Koreans, who seem to have about half their population and infrastructure located in underground tunnels – call them the Mole People of Dear Leader – have considerable expertise in tunnel building.  And they have shared that knowledge – as well as expert labor – with both the Gazans and the Iranians.

Now, as to Iran…

Our own Dear Leader, Barack Obama, is hell-bent to produce some sort of “agreement” with Tehran that ends their nuclear weapon projects.  He says. He’s being played, of course, but I didn’t realize how badly.

Apparently the buried city of Parchin is now the heart of their race for the bomb.  As others have pointed out, what they are opening to inspection are aspects of the project that are no longer relevant to the completion of a bomb, because their part in the overall project has been completed.  Parchin is where the action is now, and Parchin is exactly where inspectors are barred.

And Obama is giving them “extensions” during which they can continue full speed ahead at places like Parchin (and others we haven’t heard about, or don’t even know about).

As I’ve been saying for a good long while now, I can tell you when the negotiations with Iran will end:  When Iran successfully tests their first nuclear weapon.

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