Gentry GOP: Between A Rock and a Hard Place

Add Paul Ryan to the List of GOP Leaders Who Don’t Know What ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’ Means | National Review Online

How does it help Republicans to assert, and how do they justify asserting, that none of this misconduct rises to the level of profound breaches of the public trust — high crimes and misdemeanors? Do they really believe the failure to recognize the seriousness of Obama-administration malfeasance makes them more attractive to voters?

I’d be the last person to fly cover for the Gentry GOP, but the approach of trumpeting that Obama has committed impeachable offenses, should be impeached, and would be impeached if the Democrats didn’t control the Senate more or less hands the Democrats a big drum to beat in their efforts to maintain their hold on the upper house.

“If you don’t re-elect Democrat senators, we won’t be able to stop the evil Rethuglicans from doing what they’ve said they would:  Impeach our wonderful Divine Won.”

The lawsuit will have no real effect on Obama, who will be long gone from office by the time it is even decided.  If the GOP wants to push it as political theater, well, okay, but I, personally, would much rather spend my efforts and money in getting real conservatives elected to congress, and getting rid of Gentry GOP RINOs like Boehner and the rest of the current House and Senate leadership.

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