Gadgets You Can Easily Live Without

The top 9 wearables you can buy right now

And I have no use for any of them.  The closest, and most promising, from my POV is the Google Glass system, but it’s nowhere ready for prime time.  At this point it’s little more than an interesting gadget of small utility.  In three years or so…maybe.

Assuming something better doesn’t drop first.

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Gadgets You Can Easily Live Without — 8 Comments

  1. The only wearable I really want is shoulder-mounted weaponry which self-aims based on where I’m looking. A laser, a lead thrower, a paintball shooter, and ideally a plasma canon*. Not all at once, mind, but hot swappable, with the controller knowing the performance of each so it can adjust the aim.

    Heck, even if the shoulder-mounted weapon was just a squirt gun, the intimidation factor of having a mysterious but weapony device looking at you when I’m looking at you would be fun.

    * Would have to be kind small, on account of my ear being right there, but the awesomeness would make up for a bit of scorching.

  2. I have hopes for this device: an armband that senses muscle motion and has an inertial sensor, allowing software or devices to respond to finger, hand, and arm motions. It’s basically fine grained gesture recognition without cameras.

    It’s called the Myo Armband, from Thalmic Labs, and they are just about to hit beta, after a four month alpha developer program. Which I can neither confirm nor deny that I took part in.

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