Cruz to Boehner: It’s War!

Cruz whipping tonight against Boehner border bill – The Washington Post

U.S.-Mexico border, according to several House members who plan to attend the 7 p.m. gathering at Cruz’s office.

Cruz’s huddle is the latest example of the combative freshman senator wading into House affairs and serving as an informal whip against the leadership’s immigration position. It is also a direct shot at Boehner’s effort to pass his legislative package, hours before the bill is scheduled to come to the House floor on Thursday.

Have I mentioned that in John Boehner’s case, if you live in his district, I recommend a vote for his Democrat opponent, Tom Poetter? He’s running on the slogan: BECAUSE 24 YEARS OF JOHN BOEHNER IS ENOUGH.

I completely agree. Electing Poetter won’t change the partisan control of the House, but it will send a gigantic message to the Gentry GOP, not to mention knocking off another of their supposedly most invulnerable leaders.

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