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Rockets Rain as Israel Agrees to 4-Hour Ceasefire – Defense/Security – News – Arutz Sheva

The Israeli government has agreed to a temporary humanitarian ceasefire starting at 15:00 today (Wednesday).

“The IDF (army) has authorized a temporary window in the Gaza Strip. The window will commence today between 15:00-19:00 (1200 – 1600 GMT),” it said.

But the lull would not apply in areas where ground troops were “currently operating”, it said.

The four-hour ceasefire was declared as the Security Cabinet meets at IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv to discuss whether to expand or end Operation Protective Edge, after 23 days of fighting in Gaza.

It comes as the IDF has stepped up its operations against Islamist terrorists, launching a fresh offensive into more densely-populated regions of northern and central Gaza to root-out rocket-launchers and “terror tunnels” into Israel.

At roughly the same time as the temporary truce was announced terrorists fired a salvo of rockets at communities in southern Israel. The Iron Dome intercepted two rockets over Israeli population centers, while several others struck in open areas.

Well, as long as you keep on killing Hamas….

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