Ebola: The Unnoticed Threat

Ebola virus outbreak: live – Telegraph

14.37 As the worst Ebola outbreak in history spreads, our infographic
breaks down the previous outbreaks, strains of the virus and numbers of
cases and deaths reported over the continent since 1976. Click on the image
below to view the full version:

Western authorities are making the case that Ebola is likely not to be a major threat in a developed country, thanks to much better medical infrastructure and the likelihood that sick people will report to doctors and hospitals for treatment before spreading the disease to any extent.

What they forget is that, thanks to immigration both legal and illegal, significant sections of major European and American urban areas are more or less equivalent to third world hellholes.

Would you be prepared to remain indoors with no physical contact with others for several weeks if a plague was burning itself out around, you?  I am, but most Americans are not.

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