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Blog: More bad luck for Hillary

Liberal Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post seems almost flabbergasted that Hillary still hasn’t figured out how to handle questions about her wealth:

Um, ok.  Again, it just seems hard for me to believe that Clinton, who has been repeatedly battered in the media — and by conservative critics — about her comments about her wealth doesn’t have a clearer answer to questions like the one posed by Ramos.  

There is a simple reason why Hillary can’t seem to come up with the right response: she has a chip on her shoulder about money, and is in the process of getting revenge on a large cast of figures who made her feel inadequate and humiliated in past decades, when she was uncomfortable about being poorer than those she regarded as her peers in the elite circles which she was joining.

If she were to be authentic, she would be very unappealing.

And, she is not nearly as good a liar as her husband and the guy who beat her out for the nomination in 2008.

Hillary’s problem is simple:  she’s an obvious hypocrite.  She claims to champion the poor against the rich – which has been the Democrat message since FDR – but she’s rich.   And she became rich is a fairly unappetizing, but old-fashioned, way: she’s corrupt to the bone.

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