Germany Moves to Block Foreign Investment In Much of Europe – For Europe’s Own Good

Germany Says It Won’t Agree To CETA With Current Corporate Sovereignty Chapter | Techdirt

from the so-where-does-that-leave-TTIP? dept

This is potentially huge: according to the leading German newspaper S&uumlddeutsche Zeitung, Germany will not accept CETA, the Canadian-EU trade agreement, if it contains a corporate sovereignty chapter in its present form (original in German, pointed out to us by @TeraEuro):

German EU diplomats confirmed in Brussels on Friday that the [German] federal government could not sign the agreement with Canada “as it is now negotiated.” Although Germany was, in principle, ready to initial the agreement in September, the chapter on the legal protection of investors is however ‘problematic’ and currently not acceptable.

I foresee more of that Heinlein-style “bad luck,” coming right up.

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