Young and Dumb

Pew: Democrats evenly divided on whether Israel or Hamas is more responsible for the current violence « Hot Air

Among adults aged 30 or older, Hamas overwhelmingly bears more responsibility than Israel does. Among the liberal/libertarian cohort of people aged 18-29, Israel bears more responsibility — and this isn’t the only poll showing that. Note the racial numbers too. Blacks and (especially) Latinos are more likely to blame Israel than Democrats are generally: As noted, 26 percent of Dems overall hold Israel responsible versus 29 percent who say Hamas is responsible, a pro-Israel spread of +3. Among blacks, the spread is -2; among Latinos, it’s … -15. Presumably (i.e. hopefully) that’s a function of a big margin of error due to a small sample size but I’d like to see more polling on this issue.

It’s probably accurate.  Every poll on major issues that I see broken down by demographics indicates that the younger, you are, the more ethnic you are, the more ignorant and suicidally stupid you are.


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