The Obama “Do-Over” Is Coming Up In 100 Days

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Polls which ask voters for their thoughts on how the last election should have shaped up a year or two years after the fact are pretty much meaningless. The latest CNN/ORC survey which asks voters that question is no exception to that rule. Nevertheless, with just 100 days remaining before the midterm elections, this question is an instructive measurement of voter satisfaction with the president.

If voters had it to do all over again, 53 percent would support Mitt Romney over the 44 percent who would continue to back Barack Obama. The president’s remaining coalition is what you would expect it to be; voters aged 18 – 34, Northeasterners, Democrats, self-identified liberals and moderates, urban and minority voters.

Interesting comparison with the GWB presidency here.  Lefties were honestly shocked that Bush, after what they viewed as his atrocious performance with the Afghan/Iraq invasions, managed to defeat a war hero like John Kerry.

And it was, indeed, a close race.  That said, Bush’s support had not been eroded to just his base at that point.  By 2006 it was, and the mid-terms reflected at least in part an attempt to “do over” the 2004 election.

Democrat hacks and flacks of the MSM won’t tell you this, but that sort of thing is also going to be a very large factor in the 2014 mid-terms.  America is going to turn Obama into the lamest of lame ducks possible.

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