Does Israel Have the Guts For This?

‘Freedom Flotilla II’ set to sail for Gaza from Turkey | JPost | Israel News

IHH chairman Bulent Yildrim told local Turkish media last week that the activists will set sail as they had received permission from the authorities in Ankara and that the Turkish Navy will provide protection.  

Diplomatic officials said Jerusalem was following the reports carefully, but stressed that it was not clear whether the flotilla would ultimately set sail.

I hope that if this “flotilla” attempts to crack the Gaza blockade, the IDF will go ahead and sink the ship, as they should have done the last time, just to avoid repeat efforts like this.

And if elements of the Turkish navy attempt to protect the flotilla, sink them, too.

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Does Israel Have the Guts For This? — 5 Comments

  1. Although it seems unlikely that they’ll do anything like this, they (the IDF) really should give this “Flotilla” (assuming it ever gets there) a stop-distance warning from the Gazan exclusion zone, then, when they go past that point, stand off and hole ’em below the waterline a few times with something large-caliber, and follow with a charge dropped into their engine room.

    Instead, of course, they’ll likely try a repeat – or variation on – the “challenge, try to stop and board” thing they did the previous time, probably with less success and more casualties.

    Kind of nastily interesting to watch, but not very satisfactory otherwise…

    • Yes, quite possibly – even quite likely; that’s a big thing with Islamofascists, “Die for Allah, and take the Jooos with you!!” – and would/will wait for the boarding-party(ies) to come in, then trigger it and try to hang the blame on the Israelis – a substantial part of the reason why I said the best tactical move would be to stand-off and sink it without boarding or other direct contact. Since, no matter what, the Israelis will get the blame for any injuries or deaths, why put their own people at direct risk, or give the Paleswinians and their cohorts any chance to claim, if the whole thing blows up, that the IDF deliberately blew it up?

  2. As a fairly-interesting aside: There actually is a pretty substantial available Turkish Navy, apparently –

    As of 2013, there are approximately 112 ships in commission (excluding minor auxiliary vessels) including; 16 frigates, 8 corvettes 14 submarines and various other ships.

    OTOH, the Israelis are pretty well-equipped in that department, too – with a Flotilla of missile boats being (apparently) their primary offshore blockading/anti-blockading force:

    3rd Flotilla

    The Missile Boats Flotilla, based at Haifa.

    34th Anti-Submarine Squadron פלגה נגד צוללות (ShaNeTz = shayetet neged tzolalot)

    Unit’s objectives

    Protecting Israeli commerce at sea from foreign fleets.
    Preventing a possible naval blockade of Israeli ports during wartime.
    Blockading enemy ports at wartime.

    (emphasis added)

    If it comes down to it – I’d bet on the Israelis. Hope it doesn’t come to that, though…

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