Hospital Won’t Change Gun Free Zone Policy – At Least That’s the Way I’m Betting

The PJ Tatler » Good News on Pennsylvania Hospital Shooting

Dr. Silverman deserves our good wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, and hopes that Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital amends its firearms policy to include people like Dr. Silverman, responsible armed citizens who can stop mass murderers before authorities arrive to stabilize the situation.

Oh, they won’t do that. They’ll leave it in place, and make exceptions when absolutely unavoidable, as with Dr. Silverman.

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Hospital Won’t Change Gun Free Zone Policy – At Least That’s the Way I’m Betting — 1 Comment

  1. Good thing for Silverman that he’s apparently really hooked-up good and solid over there at Mercy Fitzgerald, or they might not even have made (apparently) an exception for him, ex post facto – until this point, nothing had been said, either way, by either the hospital or the local gendarmerie, and the “incident” took place nearly 24 hours ago…

    Then again, Silverman’s a doctor in a hospital in Darby, PA; he’s not a pharmacist in a Walgreens in Benton Harbor, MI – so, there’s that…

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