Folks, I Need to Sell About Eighty Thirty Zero (Woot!) Units of Something – Anything – By the End of the Month

It doesn’t matter what it is, 99 cents is as good as 99 dollars.  I’m just trying to get to the next level of the Amazon Associate payment structure.

Here’s the Digital Dime Store, to get you started (think cheap – it’s all good!)

Here are several links that feature the equivalent of the Amazon Digital Dime Store (for you geezers old enough to remember what a dime store was….).

The Kindle Daily Deal

This Week’s Featured .99 Songs

100 Albums for $5

100 Kindle Books for $3.99 Or Less

Remember – anything you buy from Amazon through any link on this site puts a commission in my pocket, at no cost to yourself, so thank you very much! Also, arf! from the Presidential Pomeranian.

Check out my new bestseller, Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster. Glenn Reynolds at says: “Bill Quick has authored a terrific thriller that is also an all too plausible warning. Highly recommended!” Available in Kindle e-book or trade paperback formats.

UPDATE: Wow! That was fast! Thank you so much, all you good people. BTW, I was browsing through the purchases, and came across something I have to have for myself: Dinner Is In The Jar: Quick and Easy Dinner Mixes in Mason Jars or Mylar Bags (bw)

About Bill Quick

I am a small-l libertarian. My primary concern is to increase individual liberty as much as possible in the face of statist efforts to restrict it from both the right and the left. If I had to sum up my beliefs as concisely as possible, I would say, "Stay out of my wallet and my bedroom," "your liberty stops at my nose," and "don't tread on me." I will believe that things are taking a turn for the better in America when married gays are able to, and do, maintain large arsenals of automatic weapons, and tax collectors are, and do, not.


Folks, I Need to Sell About Eighty Thirty Zero (Woot!) Units of Something – Anything – By the End of the Month — 22 Comments

  1. Just picked up on the first four Sandman Slim novels, in Richard Kadrey’s series – so, that’s four more “units of something”.

    I’m not so big, ordinarily, on supernatural/supranormal SF-Fantasy, but I’d looked at his stuff before and thought it would be pretty good to check out, except it was kind of on the spendy side – and here it was, only $1.99 each; what’s not to like about almost sixty bucks (at full price) worth of reading stuff for under eight bucks total? A real cool deal…

    Update: Make that five “units…”, found another cool deal on a J.A. Konrath novel, for only 99 centavos – finest kind…

  2. Did one of my periodic USB flash disk orders for the classes I teach – 15 of ’em.

    By the way, the AData USB 3.0 flash disks (the ones I ordered) are pretty nice and very reasonably priced. They take about half the time for me to copy stuff as the older models I was using, presumably because they are USB 3.0 where most of the flash disks are USB 2. The 16GB is only $9.99, which is what I was paying for 4GB three years ago, and for 8GB last year. They have sizes up through 64GB.

  3. I got two history books by Lars Brownworth — I’ve previously mentioned his podcasts based on the books. The book on Byzantium is still at regular price, but the Kindle version of the book on the Normans is on sale – $2.99 instead of the usual $8.99. Don’t know how long it’s on sale, so grab it if you’re interested. (Note that I haven’t read either book yet, but I’m highly impressed with his podcasts.)

      • Man, those ebooks are just terrible for authors, right? I mean, the paper book would probably already be out of print or, if not, cost anywhere from ten to twenty-five bucks, and you wouldn’t buy it, read it, or have any incentive to buy his next book. Just terrible, that.

        There is a reason the following so often happens:

        Old, established paradigm meets internet.

        Old, established paradigm fights like hell against internet.

        Internet wins.

        • Anyone want to guess which way Brownworth makes more money, $2.99 Kindle books through a small, “author assistance” publisher, versus $12.99 paperbacks through a normal publisher? Depending on how much Crux charges (I didn’t dig deep enough to find their rates; their web site is terrible), I suppose the unit royalties might be higher with the conventional paperback, but I also suppose the volume of sales at $2.99 would be 10x those at $12.99. And it never needs to go “out of print”.

          And didn’t you say that Lightning Fall had already made you more in two months than any of your earlier, conventionally-published novels?

          Yup, poor, poor authors, getting totally screwed over these days. Poor, poor authors…

      • ‘Kay, you folkses talked me into it – I’m a sucker, often enough, for good, rip-roarin’, well-written history anyway, so…

        Chalk up one more “unit…”, Bill – and thanks to SteveF and to Billy Hollis for the recommendation on the Normans book. If it turns out to be anything like as good as I think it will be, based on a quick first look, I’ll be looking for more of Mr. Brownworth’s work – especially at that kind of big-bargain price.

  4. It’s good that you put up these reminders because sometimes I forget to use DP as an on-ramp to Amazon. I picked up some POOP OFF! for the parrot, some Zero Odor for the insane cats, and the next Vince Flynn e-book on my list. Hope it helps some.

  5. SteveF, no, it’s for getting the parrot poop off the various cages and feeding stands. I’ve found that it works better than pretty much anything else for other types of organic stains, like when you discover that your cat had puked on the furniture some time in the past and it’d already set in before you discovered it. I also gave a nearly empty bottle to my brother when his golden retriever had the big-D on an off-white rug and it worked better than any of the other cleaning products he’d tried.

  6. Bought a cheap Kindle book from an author I’ve been reading recently. Not great literature, but more or less fun and easy to read. Kind of giving my mind a break before wading into Sanderson’s Knights of Radiance.

    Oh, and I need to order new running shoes. Will do so today or tomorrow. Just so we’re clear, it’s the number of units, not the dollar value that’s important, right? So my $0.99 Kindle book should be as useful as the somewhat more expensive shoes.

  7. Bill, there was an enterprise data company in the 1990s called Terabyte. Their elevator pitch was that they could put a terabyte of storage in your company – for a million or so.

    As I type this, I’m glancing over at the 3 terabyte backup disk I use, which cost less than $150. That’s a nickle a gigabyte, and less than 1/10,000 the price of storage twenty years ago.

    • Billy, occasionally I think about starting a blog that does nothing but post about these amazing changes.

      Most people live in the now, and have the memories of gnats, along with zero ability to appreciate or comprehend things like rates of change.

      I thought I could do comparisons like the one you just did, for a whole host of things, and finish each one off with – “If this X rate of change continues, in (five, ten, twenty) years, you will have Y.”

      Just to try to make it easier to comprehend and understand just what is happening to us.

      • When I built my first PC back around 1989, I couldn’t afford a hard drive and settled for a dual (5.25″ and 3.5″) floppy system. Saved up for a whopping 40 Mb drive that cost around $2000 or so. I use that drive as a paperweight now. And the last internal drive I bought was $65 for 1 Tb, or 1 million Mb. The cost per Mb went from $50 per to $0.000065 per. Eesh.

  8. I bought half a dozen books from Amazon (including yours), two of which were freebies. Does that end up showing as five for your purposes, or just one since it was a single login session (albeit doing the one-click buy for each book)?

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