WaPo Trots Out the Good Pro Stuff – Don’t Try This At Home

Five helpful suggestions for the Chinese man who suddenly finds himself with millions of AmEx points to burn – The Washington Post

Looking to regain the “cool guy” status you lost while paying more than $30 million for a used ceramic teacup? You might consider investing 540,000 points in cufflinks that are described like so: “Symbolizing strength and speed, this beautiful horse has become a major inspiration of LALIQUE.”

The author of this piece, Sarah Larimer, is an idiot.  Why does paying $30 million dollars for a genuine work of art (a number not out of line with other such purchases) make this man “uncool,” (What is with this twat – is she still in high school?), while buying some piece of trendy junk cuff-links restore the chill to him?

I wonder when Bezos is going to begin to experience morning after regrets over his purchase of this ridiculous rag?


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WaPo Trots Out the Good Pro Stuff – Don’t Try This At Home — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, guy’s a “near-billionaire” Chinese – from all accounts, 500-year-old ceramic tea gear is a very big deal for folks like that. My guess would be that, among his “set”, that’s a very “cool-guy” acquisition, even at $30 Million.

    Besides – my further guess would be, he cares a whole lot less about being some WaPo drone’s idea of “cool-guy” than he does about being either “rich-guy” or “ancient-ceramic-collector-guy”.

    Oh, and what’s the prob with him using his AMEX (24 straight swipes – dang! Imagine what his monthly statement looks like? “Credit Limit: Unlimited [Yes, We Really Mean That!]”), thereby getting all those lovely “points” to use? Sounds like the kind of financial “smarts” that helped him become a “near-billionaire”, doesn’t it?

    Sarah Larimer is a general assignment reporter wealthy-envious moron for the Washington Post.

    FTFT –

  2. BTW, this sort of moronic thing coming out of his WaPo “investment” could have easily been even worse-case for Bezos, as Andy over at Ace’s place sorta points out:

    Great Moments In Leftist Logic

    Courtesy of Amateur Webzine Slate‘s Jamelle Bouie…

    Watch as a “right-wing meme” …

    … magically becomes the conventional wisdom.

    …Score another win for Jeff Bezos, who bought the Washington Post but wisely left Slate with its prior owner. (emphasis added)

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