Why Plagiarists Tend to Be Leftists

BuzzFeed fires Benny Johnson for plagiarism – POLITICO.com

BuzzFeed has fired Viral Politics Editor Benny Johnson after finding more than 40 instances of plagiarism, BuzzFeed’s editor Ben Smith announced on Friday evening.

In an apology to BuzzFeed readers, Smith said the plagiarism is “a breach of our fundamental responsibility” and that editors were in the process of attaching an editor’s note to every instance of plagiarism.

“Plagiarism, much less copying unchecked facts from Wikipedia or other sources, is an act of disrespect to the reader. We are deeply embarrassed and sorry to have misled you,” Smith said.

I find it interesting that most of these high-profile instances of plagiarism seem to have been perpetrated by hard liberals and leftists of one sort or another – mainly politicians and journalists.

Actually, I don’t find it odd at all.  The central theme of leftism is the notion that need (or want) confers the right to appropriate other people’s stuff – whether money, intellectual property, or physical property – at will.

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