Stop Me If You’ve Heard This: Two Young Arab Guys Walk Into This Hotel With Pressure Cookers….

NYPD detained men who had pressure cookers to ‘prepare rice’ | New York Post

Police detained two men at a Midtown hotel late Friday after a doorman reported they possessed a pair of pressure cookers like those used to make the Boston Marathon bombs.

But the men say it was a misunderstanding: They plan to use the pressure cookers back home to prepare rice, chicken and meat.

Mohammad Alotaibi, 20, and Ayoub Alawadhi, 21, pulled up to the InterContinental Hotel on East 48th Street on Friday evening with the pressure cookers in their car trunk, said law enforcement sources.

Pressure cooking is not a very common rice preparation method. 

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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This: Two Young Arab Guys Walk Into This Hotel With Pressure Cookers…. — 9 Comments

  1. Pressure-cooking rice is not common among Orientals, but it’s popular among Indians. (The pressure cooker shown in the link is identical to one used by one of my coworkers. I know because I fixed it for her — I have tools and the knowledge of how to use them, neither of which she had.) I don’t know about points west of India, but the story is not bogus on its face.

    [Comment edited by SRF on account of I screwed it up before. Link now provided, text edited so I don’t sound like an idiot, and a parenthetical comment added.]

      • Oh, I’m saying no such thing. The situation seems a bit questionable to say the least, and if they really were planning to just cook rice they probably should have put a bit of thought into how it would look to others, but it’s not prima facie bogus.

        • And come to think of it, when my coworker brought her pressure cooker to work for me to fix, she probably would have been viewed with considerable suspicion if anyone had spotted it. Who knows how often small pressure cookers are carried around in backpacks without anyone noticing? I doubt it ever crossed my coworker’s mind that she was running a risk of being pulled aside by building security.

        • Well, I think the entire situation sounds bogus: They never heard of the Boston Bombing, even though they were college students and Arabs in Michigan at the time, (actually, that’s not clear – they might have been in Idaho – don’t know) they just happened to buy two pressure cookers in Dearborn, Michigan, a hotbed of Islamist activity, and then haul them all the way to NYC.

          Just because some Arabs may cook rice with pressure cookers (a fast search doesn’t indicate it’s a popular method) doesn’t make the whole thing look any less prima facie bogus to me.

          And I suppose after the cops finish “investigating” and find out and Mohamed and Abdul’s uncle and grandfather are running Jihadi gangs in Lebanon or somesuch, we would still be racist, bigoted, and xenophobic for assigning less than pristine motives to them right out of the box.

          I know, I just built, butchered, and roasted a strawman there, but still. I’m not inclined to leap to offering the benefit of the doubt in cases like these.

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