Delicate Little Frogs

You know how some people just don’t get this internet thingy? Not the technical aspects, which confuse some old people (and, crappy analogies aside, there’s no real fault in not knowing every aspect of how your search for “scarlet johansen nud” leads to a badly-photoshopped image appearing on your screen; the whole system is big and complex, and there’s no particular need for people to understand it just to use it) but the social and legal aspects. Like, say, the apparently tricky concept of putting a web page up in public view and then allowing others to link to it.

So, one rancid clump of retroturds has outed themselves as stupider than an unbathed pig, which is not surprising considering their mothers. These inbred punk-ass tyrants (they have a committee to maintain the purity of the fuckin’ French language; the kind of people who worry about that, only worry about it because they know they’re losers in any kind of competition, including pecker contests, in which they come up short, as their stinky pig mothers can testify) say you can link to their site only if you clearly identify the link as being to, and they reserve the right to demand you take the link down if it’s insulting to candy-ass little babies. Well, fuck (But don’t fuck French women. They have fleas.)


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  1. Nice li’l country, France – too bad most of its more scenic and potentially-useful parts (principally, Paris and its environs) have become increasingly-infested with the noisiest, smelliest, least-civilized roughly-50% of French (alleged-)people, plus (apparently) an encroaching horde of Islamofascists.

    In earlier times, it would have been expected that the British, being fairly close-by and, often enough, not given to overmuch patience where the Land Of Bad Cheese And Distinctly-Average Wine is concerned, might have gone over and sat on enough Gallic heads to sort them out for at least a few decades or so. Unfortunately, in recent terms, the Brits are having some fairly serious difficulties with their own domestic social and political moronities, plus an increasing spot of bother with a similar Islamofascist-invading-horde thing.

    Maybe the Germans will decide to have another go at the French – this time, without resorting to either a highly-militarized Socialist dictator or a devolution into rabid anti-Semitism – and give all Gaul’s parts a much-deserved social and political refresher course on “Civilization, And How To Behave As If You Are One”…plus, perhaps a seminar or two on “The Essential Ugliness Of Unjustifiable Arrogance.” It would certainly improve the quality of the neighborhood.

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