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Michelle Obama says money in politics is bad, asks donors for ‘big, fat check’ – Washington Times

First lady Michelle Obama on Thursday night urged Democrats to “dig deep” into their pockets and “write a big fat check” before the midterm elections, but minutes later complained of too much money in politics.

This is an obvious mark of a psychopathic personality.  Solipsism carried to such an extreme she is totally divorced from any need to make her ravings comport with reality.  Or consistency.  Or hypocrisy.  Or any damned thing at all.


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  1. Word up to Da Mooch*:

    Clearly, you need to avail yourself of some education with respect to the term “Irony” – you’ll find it in the Webster’s Unabridged, located somewhere in between “Idiocy” and “Lunacy”…two other terms with which you appear already to have considerable personal experience and understanding.

    Ask your kids to help you look it up, and to explain the big words to you – if that high-scale private school hasn’t yet fucked them up too badly, of course. Don’t bother asking your hubby, Barky, for help, though – he doesn’t have a wisp of a scent of a clue about the subject himself, being even more overall-iggerunt than even you.

    Best of luck – and, next speech, get a new Teleprompter. That hand-me-down of Barky’s you’ve been using has already acquired too many bad habits from associating with him and his speechifiers, y’know?

    (* Highly-appropriate monicker, given the context, yes?)

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