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America’s Top Threats in Space Are Lasers and Nukes – Defense One

The U.S. thought it won the space race long ago, but no victory lasts forever. On Tuesday, Gen. William Shelton, the commander of Air Force Space Command, speaking at the Atlantic Council, said that U.S. dominance in space will be confronted by some real threats in the years ahead. When Defense One asked what those threats might consist of specifically, he replied jammers, lasers and tactical space nukes.

This is bullshit, of course.

By far the deadliest things anybody can currently put into orbit are enhanced EMP weapons.  Just one detonated at the proper altitude over the United States, and we are looking at a couple hundred million deaths and the end of industrial/technological civilization.  We, China, and Russia have all developed these weapons, and likely all have them in orbit as well.

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