Bush Family Hack Propagandist for Scamnesty Heard From: Boredom Ensues

Jeb Bush weighs in on immigration influx and urges House Republicans to push comprehensive reform – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs

Washington (CNN) – After several weeks in which the influx of tens of thousands of undocumented children illegally crossing the border into the United States has dominated the headlines, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush wrote an op-ed about the issue, calling for a change in how the children are handled after they are arrested – and also urging his fellow Republicans not to use this as an “excuse” to abandon comprehensive immigration reform.

His Wall Street Journal opinion piece that published Wednesday evening is similar to the statement he released to CNN last week and is just the second time he’s spoken on the issue that has caused national debate as unaccompanied children continue to cross the border at an increasing rate.

The potential 2016 presidential candidate wrote in the in the Wall Street Journal, “We now have a humanitarian crisis on our Southern border that demands strong leadership that respects the rule of law.”

In the opinion piece he said the children, who are originally from Central America, deserve compassion, writing, “They are trying to escape horrific gang violence and dire conditions,” but he also called for more strident action against them:  “We must close loopholes that allow for individuals to be released from federal custody between hearings. Except for those deserving few who may demonstrate true cause for asylum or protection from sex trafficking, these children must be returned to their homes in Central America.” A vast majority of the children don’t show up for their detention hearings.

My goodness.  That “comprehensive immigration reform” he panders for, (along with the Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic race warriors of La Raza) seems to be the answer to just about everything, eh?  (Including any possibility of the GOP defeating the Democrats for, like, ever).

Oh, and by the way:  He’s lying about his “send the kids back” bullshit.  He doesn’t mean it.

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