Okay For Me, But Not For Thee

ABC, NBC Ignore Montana Democrat Accused of Plagiarizing Masters Thesis | Media Research Center


CBS This Morning 

July 24, 2014

NORAH O’DONNELL: The New York Times reports that a different senator, Montana Democrat John Walsh plagiarized his Master’s thesis. The Times analyzed Walsh’s thesis which he needed for his degree from the United States Army War College. That degree was considered one of his most important achievements. The newspaper says at least 25 percent of the paper highlighted in pink and yellow was either taken without attribution from other authors’ works or improperly sourced. The Iraq War veteran admits he made a mistake but he says he was being treated at the time for post-traumatic stress. 

Also, the dog ate my ethics.  Which is okay, because I’m a politician, and I don’t need them any more.

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  1. This isn’t a high school term paper. Master’s degree theses can take a couple years. Check this out: “lots of people have a hard time keeping it under 125 pages.”


    First off, how did Walsh get by with a 14-page paper plus footnotes? Second, the PTSD doesn’t seem like an acceptable excuse, unless he had it for a long time (which, yes, I know is possible.) Seems more like a cheap “how dare you accuse me” excuse, though.

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