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TED CRUZ: Obama Administration Playing Politics With Air Safety. Was this politics from the White House? Or was this an airline safety decision? And I think the facts strongly suggest it was politics and an effort to strong arm the nation of Israel.”

Well, two days ago there was this major “safety issue” with Israel airports warranting closing them to US carriers, and then Ted Cruz made a huge political stink the Democrats couldn’t handwave into obscurity, and voila:  The “safety issue” vanishes, and the ban is lifted.

What do you think was going on?  Safety, or politics?

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Vote For Politics Every Time: That’s the Smart Money Way to Bet — 2 Comments

  1. Rhetorical question only, right?

    ‘Cause, you know – if any usefully-substantial segment of Our Current (Political) Lords And Masters actually have any serious regard for U.S. air-carrier “safety” – with respect to those of us poor schnooks who “ride the (not-so-)friendly skies” – then whatthehell is up with T(otally)S(cumbag)A(ssholes)?

    Also: Historically (as well as, mostly, hysterically), just about everything involving U.S. air transport and/or transit has very nearly always been “political” – even while claiming (sometimes, with some actual, real-live justification) to be about “safety” and/or “security” – for reference, see: FAA, History of… (plus its predecessor[s], the CAA and/or CAB) ; NTSB, same…;

    As you say: “Political” is the odds-on bet, pretty much a sure thing, every time…

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