Teach Your Children Well…To Plagiarize

Why a Scientist Is Now Attacking a 13-Year-Old’s Science Fair Research as ‘Unethical’ | TheBlaze.com

The findings made by a 12-year-old, now 13-year-old, student for her sixth-grade science fair project was said to “shock ecologists” and received international recognition after confirmation was published in a well-respected scientific journal earlier this year. Now, another scientist is hitting back at her accolades, though, he acknowledges, he doesn’t really enjoy doing it.

Lauren Arrington started her project nearly two years ago, the Palm Beach Post reported last month of the King’s Academy student. In the project she researched invasive lionfish in Florida, evaluating if the saltwater fish could survive in freshwater as well.

I think most of the blame goes to the adults connected to Lauren, who should have known better. Or maybe they just didn’t give a damn.

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