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J.Crew Defends Controversial 000 Size Addition – Fashion – Boston.com

.Crew raised a feweyebrows the other day when the retailer introduced a women’s size 000 to their lineup. Shopping news site Racked noted the new size would be the equivalent to a size XXXS and referenced a commenter who said the physical product featured a 23” waist.

Raised a few eyebrows among fucktard progressive feminazi twats, they mean.

Because J. Crew shouldn’t offer sizes they can’t fit their obese, bloated asses into.  Even though this size is aimed at a legitimate market niche – small American women, (there are a few) and Asian women – a huge market.

UPDATE: Horrors! A 23 inch waist! Remember when the ideal of American feminine pulchritude was a 36″ chest, 24″ waist, 36″ hips? I do. Of course, that was before the fatifying of American women – which the often obese feminazis love.

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  1. A lot of femiflabbos like to scream “all sizes are beautiful!”. What I want to say back is that one of my employees is 6’3″ and about 400 pounds and is looking for a girlfriend. Give me your number so he can give you a call. Alas, I’ve never had the chance to say it in person.

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