Maybe Back When the New Yorker Was Still a Great Magazine….Before That Hag From England Got Her Claws In It

Browse ‘The New Yorker’ archives free of charge for the rest of the summer

Let’s face it: We miss out on a ton of great content due to paywalls. After a recent redesign to improve reading via its website across a range of devices, The New Yorker has opened up its archive for the rest of summer free of charge. The repository houses issues dating back to 2007 that will be displayed with the magazine’s responsive layout, tidied-up look and larger images.

I’d be interested if this archive went back to the fifties and sixties, when JD Salinger was doing a Glass Family story every once in a while, and the mag was publishing three or four piece of fiction per issue, along with the usual brilliant cartoons, poetry, and the legendary columns.   Of course the New Yorker has since become simply another progressive megaphone and hack propaganda venue, and this happened well before 2007, so, sorry.  I haven’t had a subscription since Bill Shawn left, and I see no reason to return now.

Not interested.

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Maybe Back When the New Yorker Was Still a Great Magazine….Before That Hag From England Got Her Claws In It — 2 Comments

    • Every time I yield to momentary temptation, and scan that once-pretty-good, now-entirely-regrettable “magazine”, two thoughts spring to mind quickly:

      First – That caption-replacement would at least make some of New Yorker’s cartoons at least mildly amusing –

      Second – Leading off pretty much everything else appearing in the New Yorker with that same line would measurably improve the rag’s content.

      I really need to work harder at resisting that particular temptation…

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