Kerry’s Intentional “Mistake” Seized By Paleoswine Spokesman In Attack on Israel

Palestinian Party Leader Cites Kerry’s Open-Mic Comments | National Review Online

Mustafa Barghouti, the general secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative party, accused Israel Defense Forces of targeting civilians tonight, following an interview Fox News did with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he argued that Hamas has been responsible for the civilian deaths.

Barghouti called the invasion of Gaza an act of aggression by Israel against struggling Palestinian civilians. As evidence, he cited U.S. secretary of state John Kerry’s private remark caught on a microphone on Sunday suggesting that Israel’s military tactics haven’t been “pinpoint” as they claim.

The political Kabuki is well choreographed, no?  First, Kerry utters intentional, provocative words into a mike he knows damned well is open, and within 24 hours some Paleoswine savage is citing the laughably obvious “gaffe” in an attack on Israel.

Exit question:  Is this a case of “evil minds think alike,” or did they set the whole thing up in advance?

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Kerry’s Intentional “Mistake” Seized By Paleoswine Spokesman In Attack on Israel — 2 Comments

  1. The obvious answer to your exit question, of course, is: Yes, and yes.

    Barghouti called the invasion of Gaza an act of aggression by Israel against struggling Palestinian civilians.

    The vast majority of those “civilian” Paleswinians in Gaza, lest anyone fail to recall, elected Hamas, in clear preference to the somewhat-less-bloodthirstily-devoted-to-killing-all-Israelis PLO-affiliated Fatah, to run the show. Therefore and thereby, most of those aforesaid Paleswinians – especially and particularly virtually all of them that are currently “collateral damage” in the Israelis’ targeted wipe-outs of Gaza rocket launch sites and contraband tunnels – should not be accorded any sort of genuine “civilian” status. They are – including, of course, the ones who ignored the Israelis’ advance warnings about the attacks that were coming, and “stuck to their (willful victims’) posts” – clearly complicit in their own death or wounding, and are “willful victims” (except, of course, in the case of very small children) at best, and “unarmed combatants” at worst.

    The Israelis’ “aggressions” are every bit as “pinpoint” as they can make them, in attacking the sites they’ve had ample opportunity to map that were launching rockets at them, and in destroying the rocket stockpiles, contraband stores and smuggling tunnels they have been detecting. They have no time or munitions to waste on any generalized “civilian” targets.

    If some of those Paleswinians are “struggling” – that’s an unalloyed Good Thing, and it should definitely continue – maybe they’ll decide to be less eager to have Hamas “take charge” in future.

    Barghouti is, of course, being the usual sort of rhetorical asshole that typifies Paleswinian attempts to make the Israelis out to be the essence of eeevilll, for their daring to retaliate against attacks on Israel and its inhabitants.

    But then – you already knew all that, right?…

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