I Think I’ll Wait For the Only Poll That Matters

Goodbye to the Republican Wave? – NYTimes.com

But if a wave doesn’t materialize, and if Republicans don’t post victories in Democratic-tilting states like Iowa or Colorado, it will be hard to consider 2014 a great year for Republicans. That will be true even if they take the Senate by taking advantage of a favorable map. The Republicans don’t need more evidence of their ability to win with low Democratic turnout in states like Louisiana and Alaska heading into 2016. Fortunately for the G.O.P., there are still more than three months to go.

Cohn made a monkey of me in 2012, but I still have to say this sounds sort of self serving:  “Even if the GOP takes the Senate (they’re not really winning because of a favorable map).”

We’ll see soon enough, I guess.  Three and a half months to go.


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