No, “the Russians” Did Not Deliberately Shoot Down MAF17

Airliner Shootdown? U.S. Voters Think Russia Did It – Rasmussen Reports™

U.S. voters are overwhelmingly convinced that Russia had a hand in the shootdown of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet over Ukraine, but they also strongly believe any punishment should be a multinational one and not come from just the United States alone.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 81% of Likely U.S. Voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that Russia was involved in some way in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last Thursday, with 57% who consider it Very Likely. Just seven percent (7%) think it’s not very or Not At All Likely that Russia was involved, but another 13% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Perhaps even more disturbing is that 50% believe the shootdown of the airliner and the death of all 298 people aboard was deliberate. Only 22% think it was an accident. Slightly more (28%) are not sure.

Yes, most Americans are ignoramuses.  Anybody with a functional brain who’s been paying attention knows what happened:  The Russkies equipped their surrogates in Ukraine with sophisticate ground-to-air defense systems.  The surrogates shot down a passenger airliner thinking it was a Ukraine transport plane.  It was a stupid accident.

It was also the last thing that the Russians wanted, because of the horrible light it puts them in, and the added publicity it brings to what they are doing in the Ukraine.


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No, “the Russians” Did Not Deliberately Shoot Down MAF17 — 3 Comments

  1. Here is yet another case of the political leadership trying to keep military actions “low key” by denying fully operational components. From prior employment, I know something of Russian deployment protocols for SA-11 and other anti-air weapon systems.

    A normal SA-11 battery has three mobile launch vehicles, each with four ready missiles. The three are served by a long-range search radar and a target acquisition radar [TAR]. These radars, particularly the TAR have target identification capabilities including Identification Friend or Foe, transponder readers, turbojet compressor Doppler modulation signal analysis and others. These radars also have very powerful transmitters that emit in all directions. Thus they are readily identified at long range.

    Presumably to hide the incursion into Ukraine of advanced weaponry, it now appears that Putin deployed an SA-11 battery but without its normal long-range radars. The independent launcher radars are relatively short-range tracking devices that would not easily be detected except right at their target (for military airplanes with warning receivers).

    The tracker radars have just about zero target ID capability; thus the mistaken shoot-down.

    Other examples of this sort of leadership error:

    Bay of Pigs with requested air cover vetoed by JFK
    Blackhawk down with requested armor vetoed by Clinton

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