In a Horrible Sort of Way

Egypt/Israel To John Kerry’s Mediation Offer –‘Please God, NO!’

Convinced that their region has suffered as much Obama administration meddling as it can possibly stand, Israel and Egypt took the extraordinary step earlier this week of jointly rejecting requests by US Secretary of State John Kerry to involve himself in ceasefire talks with the terrorist group Hamas.

Okay, I’m sorry, but this is just howlingly funny.

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  1. Egypt and Israel both seem so intent to keep John Kerry as far away from the Middle East as they can because they see today’s Israel-Hamas war as direct and totally predictable consequence of Secretary Kerry’s last disastrous involvement in the region– the recently collapsed nine month effort to impose a two-state solution upon Israel and an emboldened Hamas upon Egypt and the Arab world.

    Nice…Obviously, Johnny Ketchup has swiftly transmogrified into a combination of all the worst features of Das HillaryBeest and Jimmeh P-Nut combined. It’s a rare talent he’s got there, when both “principals” involved are just wishing he’d go away – or that maybe he’d somehow get himself caught in a cross-fire and wiped out…

    Send him over to chat with the Chinese and the Japanese about that little contretemps they’ve been having recently over a few essentially-useless islands and the surrounding ocean, and in a few months you’d have a Greater Asian version of WW III (or is it IV, next-up?) in progress and coming to a nuclear boil.

    Y’know, I think maybe my biggest concern has been, Barky might re-direct Lurchy French-Face to somehow try to “help matters” with the li’l ongoing Mexican-supported “infiltration” problems we’re having along the Southern border region – OTOH, maybe a nice, little “Limited Non-Nuclear” shootin’ gallery down there – which, I’m pretty sure, ol’ Lurchy could stir up there in jig-time – might actually serve to slam the illegal-immigration door shut, at least for quite awhile.

    Whaddaya say, Kerry, ya otherwise-useless putz?…Wanna go pick us a nice li’l fight with the Mexicans? We haven’t had a good Southern border scrap for – oh – ’bout 175 years, or thereabouts – maybe it’s overdue.

    Go to it, Big Jawn – you can do it, you know you can!

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