Hard Work? Planning Ahead? What? Are You Serious?

The Plot Against Merit by Dennis Saffran, City Journal Summer 2014

In 2004, seven-year-old Ting Shi arrived in New York from China, speaking almost no English. For two years, he shared a bedroom in a Chinatown apartment with his grandparents—a cook and a factory worker—and a young cousin, while his parents put in 12-hour days at a small Laundromat they had purchased on the Upper East Side. Ting mastered English and eventually set his sights on getting into Stuyvesant High School, the crown jewel of New York City’s eight “specialized high schools.” When he was in sixth grade, he took the subway downtown from his parents’ small apartment to the bustling high school to pick up prep books for its eighth-grade entrance exam. He prepared for the test over the next two years, working through the prep books and taking classes at one of the city’s free tutoring programs. His acceptance into Stuyvesant prompted a day of celebration at the Laundromat—an immigrant family’s dream beginning to come true. Ting, now a 17-year-old senior starting at NYU in the fall, says of his parents, who never went to college: “They came here for the next generation.”

…And new New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, whose son, Dante, attends Brooklyn Tech, has called for changing the admissions criteria. The mayor argues that relying solely on the test creates a “rich-get-richer” dynamic that benefits the wealthy, who can afford expensive test preparation.

Yeah.  Like “wealthy” Ting Shi.  When the rest of the ethnic whackadoodle “gimme gimme” equality-mongers are willing to put in his sort of effort, come back and we’ll talk.

Until then, fuck off.

God, I hate these progressive, bigoted bastards and their racial client classes.

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  1. I used to visit Houston convenience stores to check contract compliance. Many of these stores were owned by Vietnamese. The whole family worked in the store and often lived in the back of the store. When not stocking shelves or cleaning, the kids were usually studying, and not BS courses, either. Math, chemistry, coding, electronics…cause they did not intend for their kids to be working there forever.

    There must have been some, but I cannot recall any of them hunched over a Gameboy.

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