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Syracuse NY mayor to Obama: Send those immigrant kids up here! « Hot Air

This is clearly not the first case where somebody thought of sending the incoming children to nearly the opposite ends of the continental United States rather than keeping them close to the deportation point. And the media is quick to note that “no local or state money” will be required to house them. (No mention seems to be made of the fact that the federal money which will be used is coming out of the citizens’ pockets also.)

Follow the money.  This pissant mayor regards these kids as just another source of fed money, like medicaid recipients, and other sources of national boodle.

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  1. Special ed kids. The lovely, lovely federal aid for special education. And I’ll just bet that almost all of the school age children among the illegal “children” will need to be in special ed. ESL, if nothing else, but I’ll bet that most of them will need counseling and remedial tutoring. And Uncle Sugar will be smoothing the way with lovely, lovely federal aid straight to the school districts.

    Tangentially, don’t listen to the claims of the education establishment about how they’re working so hard to get kids out of special ed. Watch what they do, not what they say. And always follow the money.

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