Berghdahl: Liar, Traitor, Collaborator, Tool

Parents of former POW Bergdahl strained by his silence: friend – Yahoo News

SALMON Idaho (Reuters) – Freed war prisoner Bowe Bergdahl has not yet reached out to his parents who campaigned hard for his freedom and who hold out hope he will eventually contact them once fully recovered from trauma inflicted by his Taliban captors, a family friend said on Friday.

And the rewrite (or historical coverup) of history continues.  Berghdahl was a traitor who deserted in the face of the enemy, collaborated with them, received special favors from them, and was “fully recovered from the trauma” inflicted by his brothers in arms well before Barack Obama decided to use him in a bit of political theater that blew up in his face.

I’ll try to keep pointing this out as often as it takes to keep the coverup from succeeding.

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