If you want more of it, subsidize it.

Look, Kiddos, I know that it’s been tough to be you. You are an American citizen, though without parents for some reason or other (and yes, I know that some significant percentage of you are without parents because the rulerment has decided that the reason your parents go to prison is because they inhaled the forbidden weedy substance or captured rainwater or carried a constitutionally permitted object somewhere).

So there you are, in “the system”, and you’re orders of magnitude more likely to fail in life than those not in “the system”. You’d even go to a foster home, anything to get out of the group home. But there aren’t going to be many foster homes for you, young Americans.

Not now.
Sorry about that. Sucks to be you, but wotchagonnado? You are not so important as the foreign feller. You should have chosen your parents better. No one is going to vote for a poliliar because you got to go to a decent home.

Oh well, better luck next incarnation.


If you want more of it, subsidize it. — 1 Comment

  1. Most interesting part is sorta-referred to over at the linked story:

    Cindy Lemos, another Murrieta resident,… called the number on the advertisement*. She said, “I called this afternoon and the gentlemen I spoke to told me that they are receiving the illegal immigrants but that none of them are under the age of 12. I asked him where all the younger children were… he told me that he was wondering the exact same thing.”

    Look around a bit, folks – the “under-12” group are the ones that are actually getting deported, by bus and/or by air, along with the Mommy ‘n kiddie “teams”. Why? Simple enough: 1) No voters – or vanishing-few – anytime soon, 2) biggest expense outlay, per individual (greater likelihood of childhood disease/other ailments, more expensive food and clothing, closer supervision needed, etc.) and 3) smallest percentage of total grouping there – also, unless they have specific family (or other “contacts”) to whom they can be handed over in the States, they are the ones who (it would be argued) it would be “unsafe” to allow to remain in the U.S. (quite clearly, they could not be simply released with an Order To Appear notice). So…those are the ones who are the logical “show deportees”, the ones you’ll see and/or hear about being promptly “processed” and shipped back to where they came from, more or less.

    As for the 12-and-above – just as with the 18-to-26 group (who are quite clearly NOT “children”, no matter what the FedGov definitions may say), they will stay, one way or another – again, despite FedGov pronouncements that might seem contrary. These are Barky’s Chilluns – the next wave of predominantly-Democrap “Hispanic” new voters – and they will be the most directly-subsidized-by-wealth-redistribution U.S. “residents” in our Nation’s history.

    They’re what the bullshit DREAM legislation, and Barky’s 2012 (and since) Executive Orders – plus all the La Raza and other race-hustlers’ efforts – are all about: Continually expand, by whatever means – legal or otherwise – the pool of reliably-“populist” (read: “Leftist/Socialist/Communist, to greater or lesser extent”), reliably-Democrap-voting, “undocumenteds” resident – permanently – in the U.S., thereby de facto wiping out the Nation’s borders, and solidifying “progressive” FedGov hegemony beyond any and all legal rollback.

    But then – of course – you already knew all that, right?…

    Welcome to the 21st-Century U.S. of A. – used to be a pretty nice country, overall; too bad some people “progressively” fucked it all up.

    (*The “advertisement”, of course, being the local shopping-newsrag ad offering “…up to $6054/monthly Tax Free Support…” for locals willing to house, feed, etc. part of the invading horde of “children”)

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