An Apple Hybrid? Why Do You Think

Time for a MacBook Air and iPad 2-in-1 | ZDNet

This is where such a hybrid from Apple would have a big advantage over Windows hybrids. When the display is in place on the MacBook the system would run standard OS X. It would be just like the MacBook Air today, and the iPad would only function as a screen.

There is no need to get fancy and have a dual OS function on the laptop. That would complicate things so just run OS X as a laptop.

The magic would happen when you detach the iPad from the laptop. This would force an instantaneous switch to iOS. The iPad would work just like iPads have always worked. This lets the tablet run a real mobile OS, rather than saddle it with a full desktop OS. That avoids the hurdle Microsoft is trying to jump over with Windows 8. It does too much on the tablet and many are not comfortable with that.

I’m no Apple fanbois, but if they make a gadget like this light and powerful enough, I suspect it would be a huge hit – in fact, just the sort of thing Cook needs to consider to put his own stamp on the company and mover “the genius of Steve Jobs” into the pages of history.

My sister is an all-Apple girl, and so I had to work with OSX (including upgrading her to Mavericks, and I still consider that OS to be about as simple and intuitive as screwing yourself with a garden hose in order to blow your nose, but hey.  Lots and lots of people love that stuff.

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  1. I’ll be entirely candid, here – until now I was (rather blissfully) unaware that lots and lots of people were deeply enamored of screwing themselves with a garden hose in order to clear their nasal passages…

    (Sorry – couldn’t entirely restrain myself, just too much hilarity ensued when I read that passage.)

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