I’m a bad, bad man.

Every now and again, I like to ask questions. So, the last two days, I’ve been going from business to business, and asking one simple question of those featuring one of those “Farm Bureau Member” or signs indicating that they were a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

“Why should I spend one red cent in a business that supports an organization seeking to open American borders to whomever can creep across?” Because, you know, everyone who is anyone is looking to throw open the gate.

These people, these elites, these movers-and-shakers…they don’t much like me or those like me.

And we return the sentiment.

Millions and millions and millions of Americans out of work or working part-time, and we seek to bring more competition for the few remaining jobs.


Know all those jobs that Americans will not do? Oddly enough, they all used to be done by Americans.


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  1. rather high end discrete electronics tech, who was often used at a young age to liase with design engineers for the purposes of end item maintenance. Is now working industrial laundry.

    I let my old skills fade just a little, and now I’m doing a job that “Americans won’t do.”

    I literally stick my hands into the filth of the hospitality business up to my elbows several times a day, and I’m glad I have an income, and grateful I have gotten a promotion.

    I don’t sweep streets, I do industrial laundry, and my effort creates a masterwork.

    Give me your “Barmops” your shoptowels and other disgusting items, and I will give them back to you almost like new. All the while I deal with all of the things most people think only ignorant immigrants can tolerate, and I do it well.

    Say “Americans” won’t do a job at minimum wage, and I will hold myself up as an example. I used to fix the targeting systems, and keep the comsec, down to the component level, operating for LESS than minimum wage, and now? I clean the puke, urine, tar, axel grease some dipstick union worker doesn’t think to take out of his pocket, and the lead embedded coveralls and all sorts of horrible things people don’t even want to look at, and while not “proud” I’m not at all ashamed.

    I AM proud that i do it well.

    • I will include the “job” I did that gave the option of having those “impressive” skills I let fade was another job that “Americans” won’t do.

      Only 1.4 percent of Americans living, at the time I did that job, were willing to do it.

      And that job was to stand in the defense of this nation.

      At one time I made a “lot” of money comparatively to my demographic, and now I make little, but the best job I ever had was being a CPL in the USMC.

      and that, I was, am and always be proud of, and last time I checked stats, it’s a job 98.6 Americans won’t do.

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