Of Course They Let This Wetback Go – He’s One of Them

Jose Antonio Vargas has been released. Now what? « Hot Air

This, of course, is nonsense. As I wrote in the original piece, Vargas represents a powerful talisman to potential illegal border jumpers, demonstrating how easy it is to not only flaunt the laws of this country, but to prosper in the land where the streets are paved with gold in spite of them. But such realities frequently fail to overcome politics, so I’m not putting any money on Vargas being sent back home any time soon.

I never did.

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Of Course They Let This Wetback Go – He’s One of Them — 3 Comments

  1. I’m sorta mildly impressed – either the “news cycles” are getting really, really short, now, or I was way, WAY too optimistic in my “guesstimate” how long this scumbag illegal “journaljismist” “highly symbolic” illegal alien would be off the street.

    They barely had time to give ‘im a cup of coffee and a sandwich, maybe make a phone call or two…

    ‘Course, when you’re a really famous notorious long-term highly-Leftist illegal alien scumbag, you make careful and complete advance preparations…

    The high-profile and widely documented detainment came after the former Washington Post reporter made a series of public pronouncements that he might be trapped on the border. Vargas, 33, is a Filipino immigrant who has lived in the United States, without proper documents, since he was 12.

    Wouldn’t want to take any chances that the “proper(ly-prepared-in-advance) authorities” might not recognize their celebrity “guest”, and try to keep his long-term illegal ass in the pokey unduly long.

    So…maybe just one (short) “news cycle”, hey – then, the ol’ Catch And Release.

    Sorry, next time I’ll know better – unless, maybe, they shorten the “cycle” even further. Can’t keep a true “celebrity activist” illegal alien scumbag’s fans waiting too long, y’know…

    “…he was processed and provided with a Notice to Appear before an immigration judge. He was released on his own recognizance after consultation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).”

    Yeah, sure…after “living in the shadows” (i.e., walking around in plain sight, completing school (apparently), writing for a MSM newsrag, etc.) for over 20 years, anybody want to guess at the odds on Vargas’ actually showing up for that “provided” date with an immigration judge? Or, for that matter, on the inevitable outcome if and when he might actually obey an “Order To Appear”?

    • Naturally – the editorial folks at Politico.com (where this appeared)pretty clearly don’t consider him to be an illegal alien…even though he pretty much has admitted – publicly – that he is.

      After all – he’s got a Filipino passport (that’s apparently valid – just how he acquired that, I don’t know. Supposedly, he’s not been back to the Philippines in roughly 21 years.), and has “…been traveling non-stop for three years, visiting more than 40 states.” (his words, from the article), using just that passport. No visitor visa, of any kind – never has had one, apparently.

      Nice, hey?

      Anybody want to try living, and traveling, anywhere in the Philippines – or anywhere in Central or South America, or maybe in Mexico – for over 20 years, on nothing but a U.S. passport? No visa, no other valid, verifiable, legal I.D.?

      Let us know how that works out for you…

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