CNN Asks Wrong Questions, Sheriff Asks Right Ones

The always-reliably-Progtard CNN – in the person of Anderson Cooper 360* – questions the publicizing of the presence of newly-arrived illegal aliens by the Sheriff of Pinal County, AZ. within his jurisdiction:

Arizona Sheriff Defends Publishing Location for Illegal Immigrants

Paul Babeu, sheriff of Pinal County, Ariz., defends publishing the location where a group of illegal immigrant children from Central America were to be housed.

Appearing Tuesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360*,” Babeu said he was concerned that some of the children may have been older teenagers with gang connections or some may have had diseases that would have threatened the health and safety of nearby residents…

…he learned of the move from whistleblowers and confirmed the information with the facility.

The people of Oracle, he said, have a right to know for the sake of transparency, but also for “significant public safety and potentially a public health issue.”

He told Cooper he would rather err on the side of safety than secrecy.

Wrong line of questioning, Coop, ya stoop – but (although he shouldn’t really have to “defend” keeping the legal residents of his county apprised of criminals – illegal aliens – being nearby) the Sheriff gave you a good, solid answer, right?

“My question to Homeland Security was, give us a sense of the profile of these individuals,” Babeu said. “I and my deputies have our hands full . . . My county geographically is larger than the state of Connecticut. We don’t have enough deputies to carry out all of our duties.”

Clearly, the Sheriff knows the right questions to ask – although, of course, he’s pretty unlikely to actually get any sort of useful answer to that one from Homeland (In)Security – they’re part of the “We Shall Not Be Questioned” Big FedGov, y’know.

Cooper pressed Babeu on whether he was being political in releasing the information because he disagrees with Obama on immigration policy.

Yet another wrong question, Coop, ya dork – you’re really not very good at the whole “asking nooz-worthy, pertinent questions” thingy – but then, if you were, you wouldn’t be on CNN, of course.

The sheriff said his deputies arrest illegal immigrants every day who freely admit they’ve been deported up to 15 times.

“There really, truly are no consequences,” Babeu said. “This is a gaping wide hole . . . Is there no end to this?”

Another highly-pertinent question by the Sheriff – to which, unfortunately, the apparent answer is: “No, not if Barky and the rest of the Obamanation have it their way – there’s no end in sight!”

Then again, Sheriff, you were asking the wrong people. Cooper and CNN don’t supply answers – just questions, the wrong ones.

But then – you probably knew that, right?

(* Apparently, the “360” part refers to “being a flashy, white-haired dickhead journaljismist, no matter from what angle you view him”, in reference to Cooper)

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